Fabric at My Fingertips

I've given myself the power of creative freedom! I'm so, so excited to have fabric on hand!! This means much less driving to the fabric store in the pouring rain with my 4 kids. I will miss my joann fabric and craft warehouse buddies, but hopefully they will understand.  I'm adding two more bolts to my little 'collection' tomorrow :) It's so amazing to walk into my studio and think..."hmmm...What am I going to make today?"... I love it!


  1. I know that when we move and I do my little 2 year old's room, I def. want bedding, pillow cases and maybe a dust ruffle...if you can do it!? This fabric is amazing and I can't wait to see what creations you come up!!! I think an adult like is the way to go!!!

    Keep in touch, k? BTW, I have my own blog. It is not very exciting but I try (when I dont have writers block! Ha)

    Love ya,

  2. You are so sweet! :) Where are you moving?! Oregon? Just Kidding. That would be soo fun to do a bed set!
    When does your little one turn 2? I have a little girl as well!! Well...duh. I supose that isn't very hard to figure out. lol. I love your blog! Stories about mommyhood are the best!