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New Release! February 1st!

Stay tuned! In April I will be featuring a review of Sarah Cunningham's new book, Picking Dandelions. Visit her website or to pre-order her book visit:  http://amzn.com/0310292476.

Haiti Earthquake Relief

Starting this week $3 will be donated to the Red Cross for every blankie sold to contribute to the  relief efforts in Haiti. As we all know, Haiti is in desperate need of funds to rebulid their country. You can also visit the Red Cross website to make your donation at http://www.redcross.org/. Thank-you for supporting relief efforts in Haiti!

New Shop Item!

As cute as it might be, this blankie and I had our moments. Apparently I have done something to anger the Sewing Gods and it took more patience then usual to get this one perfect. Lets just say my seam ripper is my friend! It was worth all the hard work to see it posted in my shop and looking great. I'm exctied to introduce a new design for boys. It was a much needed addition to my mostly girlie shop! If you have a chance, stop by the shop and give it a heart. Look for more new designs in the coming week!


Baby Sunday - Little Snapshots Photography

More Amazing Photography by Little Snapshots Photography.

Special thanks to Kristen and baby Sunday!!


A Few Lucky Shots!

And the Winner is....

Thank-you to everyone who participated in my recent poll! The results were clear. Pacifier Clips are in high demand! To be honest, even before the conclusion of the poll I had pacifier clip supplies on order :) The first two sets have been posted to my shop and there are lots more to follow! There will also be additional designs later in the week. Here is a little preview of what will be added to the shop tomorrow. For most designs I will post a single clip and also a set of two. You can never have too many of these!


Secret Sale! For Blog Followers Only!

All shop items 10% off in addition to Valentine's Day Sale prices! You must be a blog follower to qualify for this discount and be sure to convo me for the discount before submitting payment. Also, include your zip for custom shipping adjustment! Just saying thanks to those who are supporting KP Blankies!

Featured Etsy Sellers!

During the month of February I will be featuring three Etsy sellers. Keep your eye out for the announcement of the three shops that will be participating! Etsy is such a great community and it is so wonderful to support one another!


New Favorite Fabric!

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10 Ways to Tame Your Kid's Tantrums

Here is a great article for those with toddlers at home. This can come in handy for those textbook tantrums.

10 Ways to Tame Your Kid's Tantrums

Rave and Review!

In the coming months Kady Paige Blankies will be hosting a giveaway on this website. She writes amazing reviews! I'll keep everyone posted as to when the giveaway will run. In the meantime, check it out!

Labor of Love Baby Shower

Check out this great Blog that will be hosting an online baby shower in February. Kady Paige Blankies will be one of the many sellers participating in give-aways and specials. TicTacDough is an Etsy seller that makes handmade playdough. Check back for this great online event!!


Kids in the Kitchen

Simple solutions to letting your kids help-out while staying mess free.

Today: Cinnamon Toast
My kids love to help make cinnamon toast, but it always ends up messy or loaded with way too much sugar. Although this isn't the healthiest snack, we managed to make it fun. We filled up a babyfood jar with the cinnamon and sugar (You can also use mason jars or spaghetti jars). Once filled, the kids mixed the ingredients by shaking the jars twenty times (Counting pracitce!). Then, MOM used a knife to poke holes in the lids turning them into shakers! One for each child, of course. Now it's no argument over who gets to help and they have control over how much sugar get sprinkled on their toast. It's the little things!

Baby Phoenix


Pictures, as promised, of baby Phoenix. Adorable! Thanks again to Kristen of Little Snapshots Photography!


New Item! Rose Swirl Lovey


Valentine's Day Specials

V A L E N T I N E 'S D A Y S A L E!
All blankies are $5-$8 off until Jan. 31st! Prices are changed, no need to convo!

Avery Blankie Complete!


This was a custom order that required me to go in desperate search of rose swirl. SIX fabric stores later (5 of them with my 4 kids) I finally had the rose swirl in hand. I am so glad that I had a request for this fabric because it is so amazing! I have starting using it regularly in my line now. I am very pleased with how this blankie turned out. As you can see It is finished a little differently then my norm. I was unable to find a 'chocolate' brown binding to coordinate with the chocolate satin I used. So instaed of actually binding the blankie I stitched a wave border to hold the place of the binding. I am so glad I did, because it is adorable! It is also very hard to bind thicker fabrics such as this one so I was worried about quality control if I were to have uesed the pre-packaged satin binding. Now it's off in the mail! I hope she likes it!


70 Fans!!

We've hit 70 Shop Hearts! Just over a month in business and so grateful to have so many customers bookmark my shop. Thanks to everyone who is cheering me on as this booming business gets off the ground. I couldn't have gotten this far without some awesome support :) In addition to the 70 shop hearts, we have 20 individual item hearts- Customers who bookmark an item instead of the whole shop. This creates great potential for them to pop one of my balnkies from their favorites into their shopping cart! Lets hope so anyways! Thanks again everyone!

Eleven Lovey's in the Works!

Eleven Lovey's in the works! A new line to include lavender rose swirl, light pink rose swirl, Paisley, Retro Dot, and more favorites! With the exception of a few, they are paired with the same flannel back satin used with KP Blankies. I'm predicting my favorite will be a rose swirl and green dimple dot. My first double minky item ever! Combining these two textures will create an irresistable combination of total silky-softness. If custom ordered then you can add custom embroidery for only $6. Pictures and listings coming soon!


The First Ever Kady Paige Blankies Baby Model!

Coming soon will be my first item with a baby model! He a one month old little boy and will be photographed by Kristen of Little Snapshots Photography in McMinnville, OR. My Blue Retro Dot blankie will be featured in these photos. My hope is that using adorable little baby models will draw attention to my products and promote the photographer as well. Check back for photo previews!

To checkout Little Snapshots Photograpy, visit http://littlesnapshotsphotography.blogspot.com/
Kristen has also recently done our family photos and does a wonderful job!


The whole shop in one little box!

New Farbic at my door!

Just in! New fabric from the mailman! Beautiful lavender rose swirl minky, more popular giraffe, and new lavender paisley imprint minky(Maybe my new fav!) Can't wait to start with the new designs and get them posted. They will be a wonderful new addition to the shop.

Adorable Valentines Day Gifts!


Have a school-aged little one? These embroidered, personalized backpack clips are perfect for a small, affordable gift that they will love. Made from the same melt-in-you-hands minky fabric and flannel back satin as my blankies. They can be used as a keychain- for those who loose track of their house key - or for easily identifying their backpack at school. My 9 year old twin sisters were the first to get one and I'm already taking orders from their friends. They all want one! You can even have a heart or two added to make it an official valentine's day gift. Some other great ideas for these cute clips are...sports team/cheer squad gifts, present toppers, or even for your gym bag. One initial may be added to each 'mini-lovey'. Check them out! Order by Feb. 2nd for arrival by V-day. Thanks!

Rose Swirl Minky in Lavender!

If you are framiliar with minky fabrics then you know that rose swirl is an amazingly soft version of minky. If you haven't had the chance to feel rose swirl minky then I suggest you track some down(or order a blankie, hehe) and see for yourself. Originally, I was using mostly smooth minky and loving it. Since I have been receiving so many requests for it I am planning on adding it to my regular line. My first order of lavender should arrive any day! I also have light pink rose swirl available after visiting SIX fabric stores to find it. I will stick to these two colors for now and see how they do on the market. Teh only thing better then this fabric is combining it with flannel back satin and silky satin binding. Oh, and a cute embroidered name :)

On that note... After the popularity of the black & white giraffe print blankie, you will be seeing more of that print in the shop as well. I love this fabric because I can combine it with almost any color to make the blankie gender specific or non-gender speific- for those who like surprises!

Also thinking about adding a line of solo lovey's with this print. I think they'd be popular!


Don't forget to feed the Blankie Fishies!

They get hungry swimming around on that beautiful blankie. lol. Click the 'tank' to drop food in their water and watch them enjoy!

Welcome to Kady Paige Blankies Blog!

The place to keep posted on the latest with Kady Paige Blankies. Kady Paige Blankies offers handmade custom silky soft baby blankies which are currently sold on Etsy.com. The online business is off to a rolling start so be one of the first to check it out! Recently I have added a custom embroidery optoion to any blankie in my shop. Choose from six fonts and any color you can think of. Add a gift box, gift card, or present topper to any order at no additional shipping cost. Follow this blog for new designs, special offers, and the making of these beautiful blankies. Enjoy!