KP Blankies Giveaway!

I know you've all been waiting!
This week the drawing is for a $10 Gift Certificate, Free Embroidery Add-on, AND Free Shipping!! But wait there's more ;) I will be drawing two winners! I don't think it gets much better then that. Here's how to enter...

You will receive one entry for each of the following:
1) Post this blog link to your Facebook page/Twitter
2) Become a Fan of Kady Paige Blankies Facebook Page
3) Blog about Kady Paige Blankies
4) Post a shop link to your Facebook Page/Twitter/Social Network
5) Today Only: Receive one entry for every auction bid placed for the Layla Grace Benefit Auction on this blog: http://projectmommyhood.blogspot.com/. You are not required to be the winner of the auction item to receive the entry. Thank-you for your support!

Ok... now you know how to win. Once you've loaded up your cyber-life with links then post a comment here to let me know what you've done. Yes, I'm making you work for it :) We're also on the honor system here. I'm not so great at computer hacking so I won't be able to verify you've actually posted on your facebook unless I stalk you. SO please be honest. It's only fair. Winner drawn Monday March 8th -sometime in the evening when I get around to it ;)

On Your Mark...Get Set...Go!

Good Luck Everyone!


  1. Here we go...

    I am a facebook fan
    I follow your blog
    I am getting ready to facebook this
    I am also going to blog this right now AND
    I will post a link on my facebook!!!

    Am I allowed to win again??? hehehehe!!!


  2. Here's my review of your wonderful blankies:
    I hope that counts! -Jen

  3. Okay, I'm a FB fan now too! :) -Jen

  4. Ok, I have done it! Became a fan and posted 2 links on Facebook. I'll let you know my order once I win this drawing...(I am being positive!) Heather Ohlwiler

  5. Winners announced on the FaceBook fan page!!

    Thanks Jen! That definitely counts!

    Crystal you were in the 'hat' 6 times!!!

    Heather, I think your positive thinking may have paid off :)

    Thank-you so much everybody!!