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The place to keep posted on the latest with Kady Paige Blankies. Kady Paige Blankies offers handmade custom silky soft baby blankies which are currently sold on Etsy.com. The online business is off to a rolling start so be one of the first to check it out! Recently I have added a custom embroidery optoion to any blankie in my shop. Choose from six fonts and any color you can think of. Add a gift box, gift card, or present topper to any order at no additional shipping cost. Follow this blog for new designs, special offers, and the making of these beautiful blankies. Enjoy!

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  1. I'm so glad that you decided to blog! Now I can keep up on your latest creations. Looking forward to seeing lots of pics too. I am such a fan of your blankies! Its too bad there isn't a way for people to feel the pictures because they would be amazed by how incredibly soft and cozy your blankies are. Haha, I sound like a paid advertisement...I'm not. I'm just your biggest fan!