Rose Swirl Minky in Lavender!

If you are framiliar with minky fabrics then you know that rose swirl is an amazingly soft version of minky. If you haven't had the chance to feel rose swirl minky then I suggest you track some down(or order a blankie, hehe) and see for yourself. Originally, I was using mostly smooth minky and loving it. Since I have been receiving so many requests for it I am planning on adding it to my regular line. My first order of lavender should arrive any day! I also have light pink rose swirl available after visiting SIX fabric stores to find it. I will stick to these two colors for now and see how they do on the market. Teh only thing better then this fabric is combining it with flannel back satin and silky satin binding. Oh, and a cute embroidered name :)

On that note... After the popularity of the black & white giraffe print blankie, you will be seeing more of that print in the shop as well. I love this fabric because I can combine it with almost any color to make the blankie gender specific or non-gender speific- for those who like surprises!

Also thinking about adding a line of solo lovey's with this print. I think they'd be popular!

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