Adorable Valentines Day Gifts!


Have a school-aged little one? These embroidered, personalized backpack clips are perfect for a small, affordable gift that they will love. Made from the same melt-in-you-hands minky fabric and flannel back satin as my blankies. They can be used as a keychain- for those who loose track of their house key - or for easily identifying their backpack at school. My 9 year old twin sisters were the first to get one and I'm already taking orders from their friends. They all want one! You can even have a heart or two added to make it an official valentine's day gift. Some other great ideas for these cute clips are...sports team/cheer squad gifts, present toppers, or even for your gym bag. One initial may be added to each 'mini-lovey'. Check them out! Order by Feb. 2nd for arrival by V-day. Thanks!

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