Avery Blankie Complete!


This was a custom order that required me to go in desperate search of rose swirl. SIX fabric stores later (5 of them with my 4 kids) I finally had the rose swirl in hand. I am so glad that I had a request for this fabric because it is so amazing! I have starting using it regularly in my line now. I am very pleased with how this blankie turned out. As you can see It is finished a little differently then my norm. I was unable to find a 'chocolate' brown binding to coordinate with the chocolate satin I used. So instaed of actually binding the blankie I stitched a wave border to hold the place of the binding. I am so glad I did, because it is adorable! It is also very hard to bind thicker fabrics such as this one so I was worried about quality control if I were to have uesed the pre-packaged satin binding. Now it's off in the mail! I hope she likes it!


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